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Montréal-Ouest station

Train schedule
Normal service
Modified service
Disrupted service
No service
Complete schedule
Monday to Friday
  • 06:24
    Platform 1
  • 07:06
    Platform 1
  • 07:28
    Platform 1
  • 07:58
    Platform 1
  • 08:30
    Platform 1
  • 08:55
    Platform 1
  • 09:20
    Platform 1
  • 11:01
    Platform 1
  • DAY
  • 13:51
    Platform 1
  • No service offered
  • No service offered

Information on this station

  • Address:
    7499, avenue Harley
  • ALLO-TRAM: 514-287-TRAM
  • Accessibility:

    • Accessible to bikes
  • Services:

    • Park-and-ride lot
      12 Spaces
    • Carpooling
      2 Spaces
    • Parking for persons with disabilities
      No spaces available
    • Purchase train ticket at the automated fare dispenser
    • Information kiosk
    • Kiss-and-drop lane
      No spaces available
    • Bike rack
      15 Spaces
    • Public phone
    • Public restroom
    • "Booklet train ticket validator
Gare Montréal-Ouest

Trip length

The commuter train connects Montréal-Ouest station to the Lucien-L’Allier station, in downtown Montréal, in approximately 12 minutes.



The train station is accessible by car from avenue Harley, near Sherbrooke Street West and highway 20. It is also serviced by STM buses and by the Saint-Jérôme and Vaudreuil-Hudson commuter rail lines.


Fare structure

The Montréal-Ouest station is located in zone 1.


Overnight parking

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